Tiit Paulus Young Guitar Player´s Prize

tiit_paulusSince Tiit Paulus is concidered to be one of the most influential jazz guitar and improvisation teachers in Estonia and an important part of the Viljandi Guitar Festival is educating young people, Viljandi Kitarrifestival in cooperation with Estonian Jazz Union gives out the annual Tiit Paulus Young Guitar Player´s Prize in order to help an outstanding young Estonian musician further his or her education in guitar playing. By giving out this prize, the festival appreciates our teachers and inspires young people to evolve their skills to obtain this prize.

By now, the prize has been given to ten young and talented Estonian musicians:

2008 – Virgo Sillamaa
2009 – Erki Pärnoja
2010 – Laur Joamets
2011 – Martin Matt
2012 – Jaan Jaanson
2013 – Erko Niit
2014 – Madis Meister
2015 – Paul Neitsov
2016 – Merje Kägu
2017 – Kalle Pilli

The next winner will be revealed at this year’s festival.


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