Viljandi Guitar Festival 2014

Viljandi Guitar Festival is held for the 7th time from 14th to 18th October 2014. This is an international music festival with both international and native artists. The concerts will take place in the Estonian Traditional Music Center, the Puppet Theatre, the Old Water Tower, St. John’s church and Viljandi’s Jazzclub.

The aim of Viljandi Guitar Festival is to promote improvisational and cross-genre guitar music and also to diversify the cultural scene of Estonia and Viljandi. Every year we try to add something new and exciting to the festival’s programme – this time it will be a guitar-bass collaboration and a project called singer/songwriter. There’s also an opportunity to hear artists who present various music styles, use different improvisation methods, techniques and types of guitars. On an international level our aim is to develop international and guitar studies’ collaborations.

This year our foreign artists are coming from five different countries – Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet (USA), Håkan Goohde Trio (SWE), Kalevi Uibo (FRA), Jarmo Saari (FIN), Olga Shishkina (FIN) and Jon Gomm (UK). Our own Estonian musicians in the programme are Erko Niit, Tõnu Tubli, Raul Vaigla, Ain Agan, Kristo Käo and Robert Jürjendal. Also bands like Mart Soo quartet, Viljandi Guitar Trio, Aces of Basses and Paul Daniel quartet.

In addition to concerts there will be many workshops for both estonian and foreign college students and also „the Guitars’ Craftsmen day“. These workshops are conducted by artists who perform in this year’s festival and will culminate in a concert of students’ solo numbers and festival’s guitar orchestra. All guitar enthusiasts are also welcomed to „the Guitars’ Craftsmen day“, where the best craftsmen introduce their hand-made instruments and provide an opportunity to try and test them out. They will also give advice how to take care of your instrument.

Every year the NPO Viljandi Guitar Festival nominates one outstanding young Estonian guitar player for the Tiit Paulus Young Guitar Player’s Prize, which helps this award winner to develop his or her skills and also has an opportunity to perform in the next year’s festival. The prize’s has been given out already six times.

Külasta OÜ Veebiaken kodulehekülge